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The BiteSize Lesson Planner

The BiteSize Lesson Planner

The Planner started out as a way of condensing a 3 page planned only used by teacher when they were being observed into something more practical for more frequent planning of good and outstanding learning.

The Planner is available in two versions and is deliberately inexpensive to make it affordable to every teacher.

Follow the links to see where you can order your copies:

Click to link to order your A4 Planner at £1.40(ex. VAT)

A4 Planner

Click the link to order your A5 ring bound Planner at £1.40(ex. VAT)

A5 Planner

Or one EBay Here and Here

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  1. Is there anywhere else I can buy the planners as if I buy through YPO I have to spend £20

    Jo Smith

    • Hi Jo, I didn’t realise YPO had a min spend…am at a meeting tomorrow re resources. Shall let you know re possible availability on Amazon then.

      • I had bought the A4 planner and wanted to pick up an A5 one too so I could carry it around with me but now they’ve got their £20 minimum spend I can’t get one, please sell them on Amazon soon! YPO sent them poorly packaged and consequently damaged as well last time, not had the best experience with them as a company but still really want to buy your resources 🙁

        • I’m so sorry to hear about the experience there, I have to admit I’ve never had that – to counter the £20 spend have you seen my post about resources now available on eBay? As easy as Amazon to buy from there 🙂
          Hope that helps

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