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IMPACT of technology on Society + Resources

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How has technology had an impact on society?

If you’re over 25 you might be able to list a number of ways, that’d be because you’ve seen those developments, before and after.

If you’re 14, that’s a little harder, you’ve grown up with the tech, you take it for granted.

I’m teaching this topic this week so I’m sharing my resources here as I know sometimes this topic is a ‘head scratcher’ for teachers.

I’m starting with a brain teaser

Come up with a gadget that could help a blind person, my students are very creative and love this kind of challenge. So we’re starting with a sticker on their desk to fill in with an idea when they come into the lesson.

Activities and Evidence

KS3 have started to use exercise books as a way of documenting the work they do and the knowledge they acquire through the course. So we as teacher are having to rethink evidence this year.

Sticker activities are proving popular for students and teachers; they enjoy filling them in and sticking them into their books, and teachers enjoy the fact they’re obvious sign posts to their progress through a lesson/topic.


Children in Need

Impacts are more than just social media! Yes social media is a huge area of impact, but to be honest its the easy option to discuss. Instead I want my learners to look at some of the amazing innovations in technology that are improving the lives of those people with disabilities.

Here are the links to videos I’ll be using with learners;


Children in Need

I’m attaching copies of the stickers I’m using in the lesson too; Tech IMPACT on society.

Hope these prove useful to teachers out these!



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