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Avenger sticker title

Avengers Assemble

Yep, we’re all in a marking frenzy, and I’m sure some of us are over doing the AFL, but in many circles the new focus on AFL is actually a good thing. Focusing teachers on a meaningful area of our practice that benefits greatly from innovation.

Sat in front of the TV this afternoon watching the Avengers movie I had a brain wave. Some simple AFL stickers that could be used quickly and purposefully to help learners recognise their good work and focus on improvements that might make.

The resource is available as a download here. I print them as A4 sheets on A4 sticker pages and then cut them out.


RESOURCE: A4 AFL stickers

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  1. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this. My 11yr old son thinks they’re fab and I’m sure my 11yr old students will too! My brain is even now coming up with variants on the same theme! Thanks 😀

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