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AFL Stamp crazy – Updated 2014! –


I mentioned in a previous post that I attended an ‘Outstanding Teaching’ course before the summer break, it was a fab course, really inspired me to re-examine how I go about me teaching and embrace some new methods (new to me anyway).

Stamp your way to Outstanding feedback/progress tracking

One of the most fun is STAMPS designed mainly for Primary I can’t understand how their application in secondary is so sparse!!

stampsThe ones I’ve been buying from PTS are fantastic for instant planned or off the cuff AFL in lessons!!

Combine with post-it notes and you can create a pack of resources to add colour and engagement as well as highlight progress in your lessons so easily!

In my class

For example I recently did a workshop style lesson on Photoshop for a year 13 class.

At the en all of the students told me in a ‘hands up’ moment that they were all 100% confident using the software. In one lesson this was a miracle, so I dropped a post-it note on each of their desks.

The post-it asked them to personally tick their confidence ‘I need more practice’ ‘I’m confident with this’ ‘It don’t get it at all’ were the options, and all but one selected ‘I need more practice’.

Valuable feedback for me, and a map towards the progress they were making!!

Try these stamps out! Add them to your box of tricks!

2014 update – new role new focus on AFL

AFL is a major focus for my new department, its an area I want to see my team master and be seen as outstanding practitioners. We’ve moved to using A4 lined exercise books as ‘scrap books of learners work’ in order to help us utilise such tools as are mentioned in this post.

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