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If Ofsted is the ‘Grim Reaper’ then I don’t know what interviews are because they make me more nervous than the big O!

From September I’m starting a new Head of Department role at a new school, it’s a fab school with a great vibe, lovely staff, nice students and plenty of challenges for me to ‘get my teeth into’.

But to get the job I had to go through the interview process.

Interviewer/ or interviewee

I’ve been both, I’ve interviewed people for roles, and I’ve gone through the process myself several times, its never been something I’ve found easy, but it’s a process I’ve learned a lot about.

I’ve noted down some key points to keep in mind as an interviewee or interviewer, they’re here in sketchnote form as part of my #EduSketchnotes collection.

Hope it’s of use to people planning to be interviewed or to conduct interviews.

Interview notes

Interview notes

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