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Coursework – keep on top!

Staying organised…

We all start out with the best of intentions about how organised we’re going to be each year; planning our courses, mapping out use of resources etc. etc., but we all have that point when we feel we’ve let something slip and it’s made our day/week/term harder as a result.

In the earlier part of my career it was coursework lessons/courses that always got into a muddle. Learner’s folders became a mess, and I’d be losing my mind trying to keep them organised.

I’ve learned (the hard way)

Routine is the answer (and many colleagues do this from day one every year, all year!). With this in mind as we come to the ‘quiet’ time of the year (don’t shout at my use of that term) I thought I’d share (via a sketchnote) some tips of keeping on top of coursework folders, by having some ground rules and routines about how to make folders much more useful for learners and teachers.

Feel free to comment, and share your own ideas…

Sketchnote is available in the sketchnote gallery as well as here.

Organising Course work folders

Organising Course work folders

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