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A closer look at resources (coming soon)


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“It really is exciting to see something you designed on a sheet of  paper be created as a ‘real’ product!”

Making ‘Outstanding’ quick and easy

CLass Tools03I’m a fan of taking big ideas and simplifying them. The clearer and simpler you make an idea the more people can access it. That’s basically our job isn’t it?

This was my starting point with my resources to support outstanding teaching.

They’re simple solutions, quick and easy to use resources which can help a teacher deliver more engaging and purposeful lessons as they themselves work towards delivering Outstanding learning.

Building in resources

CLass Tools23Having spent some time observing and supporting teachers across the secondary curriculum, from Science to ICT, Art & Humanities I’ve been able to help teachers make impacts in some key learning areas using early versions of these simple resources which I’ve used for some years myself.

I wanted to share these…

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