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Working with a difficult student

behaviour score

The disengaged student

Ever had that one student who struggles with any task longer than about 5 minutes, and as a result is disruptive and often asked to leave?

anger managementIf you are already thinking of a particular child then I might have just the resource for you.

On one side we have a laminated colour scale from green to red. Green representing they are working well and red showing how close they are to being removed from the lesson. This is placed next to the student and serves as a visual reminder of their behaviour throughout the lesson. During the lesson the teacher lets the student know how they are getting on by putting an X (with the time above it) on the scale.

Reviewing behaviour

If the student has a good lesson (mainly green) then keep the markings on there till next lesson as a reminder.

If they get mainly reds then speak to the student at the end and wipe out the markings, reminding them that next lesson is a fresh slate.

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