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Set a visual time limit

How often do you say “You’ve 10minutes on this task” ? Often? Probably very often, we often set time limits on activities in class, and then we often get upset when students don’t stick to them.

Well, one very very simple aide to such task work is the use of a visual countdown clock.

Embed in your presentation

If you use Google Docs in class you’ll know that you can easily have a YouTube video running in a slide of a presentation, this makes for great use in such tasks. You can have your criteria on the left, and the time counting down on the right!

It’s as simple as typing into Google ’10 minute countdown clock’ and seeing what results show up in YouTube! Simples!

Nice and visual for the class to follow!

Here’s an example video to see what I mean.

Setting times, visually like this really can help you keep students focused on what they need to achieve. It’s not the magic wand, and you need to use it as a resource along side things like your objectives, tick sheets, assessed work…throw it into the mix and see what the impact is in your class.

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