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World Book Day

world book day

World Book Day Thursday 6th March 2014

Young boys generally read less and struggle more in English class at school.

Sad but true. However it doesn’t have to be or stay that way!

There’s lots of fantastic work being done across the UK to get young people (boys in particular) interested in reading.

With World Book Day you’ve an opportunity to use your tutor time with your tutees and your lesson time wit your classes to promote a love of reading.

book day logoHere’s a few ideas you could employ tomorrow;

  • Read to them – choose an interesting chapter from a book you love and read it aloud to your pupils
  • Ask what they read – Ask your students to share there favorite book from now of childhood! (write them down and put them on your class wall!)
  • Make a list as a class of books made into films and encourage students to seek out the book
  • Turn up to work dressed like a book character
  • Give away a book (you’re bound to have a book at home you’ve read and can pass on) run a short quiz and give away a book as the prize
  • Start every lesson of the day with a list of books related to the subject “Have you read…?”

What ever you do, don’t miss an opportunity to mark the day and raise awareness of the joy that can come from reading.

For the official site full of ideas click HERE

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