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Bright Ideas

bulbWho has a light bulb idea?

This is about positive praise!

I’m a fan of visual positive praise, displaying work in & out of class, stickers on work, and now, light bulbs!

Not glass ones of course, but sponge ones!

Simple, effective idea

who has a bright idea?Simple idea; the student who shares the brightest idea during question time gets the sponge light bulb thrown to them!

With that bulb they then have until the end of the lesson to research more on their idea. At the end of the lesson they can stand up, share the idea and take questions from the other students!

KS3 students like it, GCSE students too! A-level, well, they’re ‘too cool’ at first, but soon come round to the fun of the idea!

Rounds of applause are given as the lesson ends and the light bulb is returned to the teacher.

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