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A Gamer take on praise and reward

Innovative approach to praise & Reward

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Games, be they being played at home on a console, or in school on a phone students love games.

A colleague was very keen to see if we could apply game theory to various aspects of school, my first thought was to look at how we praise & reward within our Computing and ICT department to see if would couldn’t shake up our approach a little.

The result, gloriously simple!

Stickers & a game influenced ‘Praise Sheet’ in students books or folders.

Examples are here for you to look at and a free resource of the sheet will be available on TES very soon.

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How the praise sheet is used

In folders and books students have the praise sheets glued or taped. The system works as an addition to whole school praise and reward activities (House Points). When students produce outstanding work, projects, or excel in the subject they are rewarded on the praise sheet as well as with House Points, it’s a nice visual way of recognising progress and rewarding achievement, commitment and good work. The students can also use the codes on the stickers to build up online points using

How do you praise? Do you use stickers motivate and reward?

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