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Ideas worth a display

TeamCover all the bases!

You’ve got to cover all bases when trying to share good practice!

That’s what I’ve learned in the last two years as I’ve done more and more in development & supporting staff.

My methods have become so many and varied that until I started to list them I had not realised the range!

  • Blogging (you’re here reading this so you know that)
  • School good practice intranet pages
  • In school CPD sessions
  • Open class door policy (published timetable on intranet)
  • In school project groups
  • Twitter
  • Staff room poster campaigns
  • Staff room window writing (gorilla CPD!)
  • In school display boards (Example in gallery)
  • Wall holders for 5Minute Plans
  • In toilet staff info posters (there really is no escape!)
  • YouTube ‘how to’ videos for ICTAC
  • Cartoon visualisations of staff training info to recap training day info
  • Regional TeachMeets

And I suspect there may be more I’ve forgotten about!

The point of this is to draw attention to the range of methods one has to employ in order to get teaching and learning ideas across to a whole teaching body in a large secondary school (& beyond). List above isn’t full, there are other methods employed in schools across the country, some have in-house best practice magazines, a ‘cool idea of the week’ board in their staff room, a my best idea item on departmental meeting agendas….the list is endless.

Leave no stone unturned on the mission to raise standards by sharing good practice!

How do you share your ideas?

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