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I’m writing home, again

praise imageEveryone needs a little praise.

I’ve always been an advocate of taking the positive praise route with learners 1st!

Which makes it somewhat ironic that the 1st post on here about writing home was in reference to a ‘naughty slip’. Well this post should reset the scales on that.

Positive praise is the way forward in my book, students need to be told off when they do something they shouldn’t but I think most teachers will find that by taking the approach where most of what they say to a student or group of students is praising greater progress will be made!

So why make the effort to send that praise home?

  • You’ll raise their confidence
  • You’ll engage positively with parents (who love to hear their child is doing well)
  • Increase their engagement
  • Build a relationship of respect and trust

Here are two screenshots of a resource I’ll be loading onto TES HERE very soon for teachers to access for free.

Image one is the slip I use in Secondary

Praise slip

Image two is a version designed for use in Primary

praise miss s


Some further reading on Behaviour and Praise.

Send home some positive praise and see the positive impact!

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