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I’m contacting home!

Everyone deals with behaviour problems every day!

Concern slip TESStudents misbehave, we just have to find appropriate way to manage poor behaviour and praise good!

This post is about the poor behaviour!

That (or those) student(s) in your class just not giving 100% either because they’re late, or missing lessons of they’re just not trying enough.

Parents/Guardians are our best allies in helping students achieve their potential! Get them on board, keep them up to date and you can make progress!

But it’s finding that time to keep them up to date! DO you call? (always a good idea!) email (some do prefer this!) or wait till report writing time? All of those do have their merits but can be time consuming for the teacher and either happen too late or be sporadic in their application.

I’ve created some simple ‘notes from the teacher’ sheets that we’re using to help us communicate home faster, I want us to shorten that time between you being worried about a student and then actually telling a parent there’s a problem.

These simple A4 sheets have 4 notes on them allowing a teacher to quickly tear off a slip, add the students name, and then send that note home (via an administrator not the student) meaning we can communicate a concern much faster than many other ways.

It’s not the only tool you can employ!

There will never be a ‘one solution’ for behaviour in school, but this helps us, so I’ve made the resource available via TES to download for free.

Enjoy, tell me what you think!


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