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Think, Pair, Share



Using a resource I created based on one of the books I’ve been reading I’ve created an instant tool for a THINK, PAIR, SHARE activity.


I want students to be able to look at a challenge and think independently, get their ideas down on paper.

But ideas on their own are rarely as good as when you collaborate and share them. So I want students to get used to collaborating, refining their ideas with others.

And finally, sharing, I want them to get used to selecting their best idea, an idea they’ve researched and are confident to talk about with a whole class.

The worksheet

The THINK, PAIR, SHARE sheet I created based on the idea in the pocket book series allows me to scaffold student thinking in this direction.

It was a success today, students thought about their ideas, discussed and refined them and then in pairs shared those refined ideas with the whole class. It’s certainly an activity I’m going to repeat and share in my school!

Download the worksheet HERE

Let me know what you think of it, and how you use it.

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