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30 Day Drawing Challenge Homework


Meaningful Homework

As an Art Textiles teacher I find it hard to find meaningful homework to set which both fits in with the scheme of work and is meaningful and worthwhile.


Whilst browsing Pinterest (my guilty pleasure) I stumbled across an American sheet called ‘the 30 day drawing challenge’ and realised that with a bit of tweaking it could fit the bill.

Personalising the challenge

I re drew the sheet and made it more user friendly and then gave it out.

There were a few cries of   “we have to draw every day???” and “But I can’t draw Miss ” and it took quite a bit of persuasion and nagging , but I think once they had got into it they actually enjoyed it.

An emotional experience

My ‘something you miss’ drawing is spattered with dried tears and as I am a real perfectionist there was a lots of rubbing out on some pieces too.

I must admit I got very behind and ended up doing 10 drawings in one sitting to catch up ! My lovely techician Tina Delaney  (who says she can’t draw ) took part too and loved every minute of it and says now that has left a bit of a hole in her evenings. I am now thinking of other challenges so watch this space!!

The drawing sheet will be available to download HERE.

Does this inspire a different take on homework on your subject area?

Guest post by the brilliant  Chrissie Venables

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