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Questioning – Improving students ability to question


My Starting Point

I wanted my students to take a greater responsibility for their learning and I believed that trying to encourage more questions from my students would support me in doing this.


I was inspired by a quote that the person asking the question was the one doing the thinking. So I started to explain the different cognitive demands of questioning to my students using a question stem sheet that I had designed for them. This stem sheet was based on two taxonomies, one was Bloom’s taxonomy of questioning and the second was Morgan & Saxton’s taxonomy of personal engagement. The purpose of the stem sheet was to encourage all my students to ask a range of question types.


I found that the success of the stem sheet relied on me building in reflection time in my lessons for my students to use the stem sheet in a way that supported their learning.

As a result of this process I have become a better questioner and some of my students are asking more high level questions.

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Contributed by guest blogger,

the brilliant Danielle Morgan

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