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Smell of success!

Something Shared at Teach Meet

– Smelly Stickers –


These are in your packs.

A top banana lesson!

It’s a known fact that smells are connected with memory, we smell a home cooked meal and remember our childhood, we smell floor polish and remember sitting on the school hall floor…

These stickers from PTS connect the learning experience with the scent imprinted on the reward stickers you give them.

As one student said, you should get them for “really important work Miss so we connect the smell to the memory of the work!”.

Students have quickly learnt to remember key information from lessons when they smell that odour again. It is having a massive impact on memory recall in Drama lessons and also a great reward, not to be sniffed at! 

If you do pick these up at TeachMeet Bedford, let us know what you think of their impact in your classes.

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