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Questioning – what to look for



This is my topic this year, I’m reading up on it and practicing it as much as I can, so I’m sharing this weeks thoughts on questioning with my readers.


Questioning Bad Habits

  • Asking too many questions too quickly

  • Not giving sufficient thinking time

  • Only questioning the same students

  • Using only one style of questioning; who, what, when, where, how and not explain, justify, compare & evaluate for example.


Reflect & Observe

If you’re going to get better at something like questioning you need to practice.

You need to observe others doing it and have them observe you.

The feedback you get from a focused observation could be the most valuable thing you have to help you move forward with questioning in your classes.

Here’s a link to the form I’ve developed to help teachers observe with a focus on questioning and feedback to improve technique.


As Recommended by TES

Questioning TES resource view


  1. Thanks for posting this excellent information! And for the free observation form… Shared like a true professional!

    • Thanks, like I keep saying, get nowhere on our own, teamwork and sharing is the future of professional development and continuous improvement. 🙂

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