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Making the best of Vocabulary


Literacy Across the Curriculum

An easy way to support Literacy Across the Curriculum

A Vocabulary mid-lesson mini-plenary

You started the lesson with a key vocabulary activity? But if you want to know that this has had impact how do you check?Here’s one idea…


Buddy Check

Ask students mid way into a lesson to swap work with a partner ( to help differentiate, use buddies you select).

Now ask the students to peer assess only highlighting use of the lessons key vocabulary.

Points to Remember:

  • Students don’t always get the context of key vocabulary right in their work
  • Choose pairs carefully to make sure students productively engage in the activity and lesson

IMG_0025End the activity right

Ask students to share the good uses of key vocabulary that they’ve highlighted in their partners work.

  • This give you a chance to assess both students contextual understanding of the vocabulary
  • It gives weaker students a chance to be inspired by their peers
  • You’ve an opportunity to give praise and encouragement to pupils across the ability range.

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? It’s a simple thing that in the midst of a lesson you might forget to do, but its valuable to you and the students. Give it a go!

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