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Shake up team work…


I’m an iPad user, iPad mini as it’s a convenient size and still powerful at work.

Apps, Simple is best

Apps are a funny thing, you can waste hours looking for all singing all dancing super apps, and ultimately be left with nothing.

But sometimes its the simple but functional little apps that just make things a bit simpler in class that are truly powerful as part of your working arsenal.

Why team work?

Team work is great, it’s an important part of a lesson for so many reasons;

  • Pushing students (safely) out of their comfort zones
  • Encouraging team skills, leadership, participation etc

But it can be something teachers shirk from for many reasons;

  • Students can act up when grouped
  • Working out groups quickly in your head in front of a class is stressful, and if you can avoid doing that you will!

An app that makes it easy

Well, I’ve avoided team work exercises many times, and always been angry with myself for it, but now I’ve found a great little app that’s so easy to use I’m doing team work ‘off the cuff’ so often!!


The App is Team Shake, it’s simple, import your class list (simply copy and paste an entire list from excel or word or an email) and then slide the dial to choose how many teams and before your eyes the app generates the teams.

Do this using wireless display such as Apple TV or other mirroring tech and you can show your class how ‘random’ the team generation is!

13E groupsIt’s so simple and easy you’ll find it easy to drop a team work activity into any lesson!!

Give it a go!

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