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Seating plans…Classroom Management


Do you create seating plans for your students?

If not, why not? I’ll admit I haven’t always used seating plans, but this year I’m already finding them useful!

Why use a seating plan…

  • Give students a chance to work with people they’d not normally mix with
  • Encourage independent thinking (not ‘copy of your friend’)
  • Develop sense of ‘team’ in class through new pairings
  • Take control of your class – let students know that it’s your room
  • Help ‘manage’ low level behavior problems

An App that helps…

If like me you’re a visual person, and an iPad user, this app works a treat!

Be Seated App, a useful app that lets you design the room layout and then import a class list, and add photos to each name.

After importing lists and adding images you can then move students around your room as easily as ‘press and move’ making it very easy to change the layout as the result of an incident in a lesson.

App or no app

The reasons to use a seating plan out weigh those to not.

Take charge of your class, and let any visitors to your room know why you did it, an easy way to show you know the strengths and weaknesses of your classes and do something about it.


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