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Switch them on to learning


Everyone knows that at the start of the year there’s a lot to do!

You’re meeting new classes, picking up with old ones and carrying on with projects you last worked on 6 weeks ago.

You haven’t switched off, but they likely have over the summer!

So your focus is to get students re-engaged in their learning as quickly as possible.


Latest aide in this…Barnyard Buzzers!!

I’ll not lie, the rest of my team looked at me as if I were mad when I said what I was going to use.

But students? Students love them, instantly get them into teams and I’m able to turn anything in the lesson into a team game getting everyone involved to ‘buzz’ in before the other team and hear their animal make its noise.

Year 9, loved them, year 10 loved them, year 12 & 13…were hooked and were upset when I suggested we might not have time to do an end of lesson quiz using them!!

I bought mine for around £15 from Amazon and then ordered more for the department from the official website Learning Resources ** (batteries AAA not included) money well spent in an effort to improve engagement & aide questioning in class.


**Disclosure: Other buzzers are available and these ones are available from many retailers, links given here are for your convenience, do shop around for your best deal** 

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