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Improving Questioning

Bloom’s Taxonomy

A standard in educational training and continued classroom practice. Everyone should know it and be aware of the impact good questioning technique can have with a class.

But as well as the teacher knowing how to ask outstanding questions to deepen understanding students should be given that skill too!


In my classroom

To that End another tool I’m using this year (with great effect already) are the Thinking Dice.

1st great use of them was with a BTEC group doing theory on networks and operating systems.

They were given two starting points;

  1. The Schools new WiFi network
  2. Android Operating system for mobile devices

Then in small groups they were given the thinking dice to roll and the challenge was to generate questions that were as challenging as possible and related to the two topics we’d talked about.

Once they’d generated their questions they wrote them on Post-it notes and handed them to me. 

I then typed the questions onto a Google Doc and shared this with the class as their homework!!

What do you think?? Could you find a similar or better use in your subject??


  1. Hello

    Could you please tell me where you purchased your thinking dice from please? I’m really trying to find where to buy them from so that I can demonstrate the use of this in a teaching and learning meeting


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