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Action Research



Part of my role is to co-manage a team in school which conducts action research each year as in partnership with Cambridge University. (More info here)

Mobile Technology:


“For me, too many people are making a name for themselves by focusing on these tablets and their apps as saviours of education, to me that’s complete self serving rubbish! The apps and the device are not the saviour! Teachers need to be outstanding teachers, with a wide range of skills, outstanding teachers will use technology where it is appropriate to enhance the learning of their students and their performance in their job!” …Me.


Our focus for this year has been mobile technology – in particular tablet computers. It’s been an interesting year, an interesting project and as we come to the end we’re pulling together some equally interesting (if wholly unsurprising) findings.


For me action research is a learning curve, teaching myself to appreciate the value of taking the long road to prove yourself right (not always a road I’ve found it comfortable to travel).


What’s the point of┬áresearching┬áthis if you don’t then share it in the most accessible way?

Rather than post a personal review of the research I’m publishing our findings as videos here, these are video interviews with each staff member that has taken part in our project.

They give personal insights into the projects, the feelings staff have about mobile technology and their thoughts about the future.

Do enjoy, do comment!

Our website for the project can be found HERE.

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