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Useful & productive ipad Mini App

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iPad Mini, I may have mentioned I bought one, and I mentioned that its size and its power makes its so brilliantly useful.

I’ve always wanted the best from the iPad, I’ve wanted a truly productive tool. So with this in mind I’ve discovered an app that’s made the iPad SO productive…GoodNotes

The app had one feature, which enables note taking using a stylus, that just makes it SO great.

20130122-063758 PM.jpg

The writing ‘zoom’ window allows you to choose an area you wish to hand write into and then use a larger space to write evenly within small notebook size lines. It’s hugely effective and allows you to keep handwriting neat!

20130122-063935 PM.jpg
It also allows you to create multiple books so all your notes are not in one massive document.

I can’t recommend it enough, you’ll stop writing notes and ideas on paper when you have this app! And if you’ve an iPad mini I suspect you’ll find it even more useful than on the larger pad!

Try it GoodNotes is available from the App Store.

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