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Unrestricted iPad teaching

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Having a tablet computer in class is great, as a teacher using one it allows for considerable mobility around the room. You can interact with pupils closer while still being able to use the device.

But what about sharing the content of the device with the class?

Well they could huddle around it, or you could plug a cable in at the front of the class and be stuck standing two feet from your white board again….or…

You could try a wireless solution, I’ve tried 3;

Apple TV (good but expensive)
Reflection app (good but interface isn’t as nice as could be)
AirServer (excellent on a network, cost effective & good interface)

Out of the three our school is investing in AirServer, it’s great, installs on machines already connected to the projector in your class, can be rolled out via your network (no annoying individual machine installs) and is very cost effective!!!

Now teachers can share their content from an iPad from any part of their room!!! And as they begin to do so I’m expecting to see the demand to use this technology grow quickly!

My vision is that teachers will see the technology in action and immediately start thinking “Maybe I should get an iPad?” And with iPad mini starting at £269 there’s a good chance staff will start looking at their savings closely for one.

Another revolution to raise achievement is beginning in our school as this technology takes hold!!!! Fantastic!!!

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