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The iPad & PE

From the staff room kitchen I spied 3 students (durning lesson time) out on our field (away from the rest of kids) with an iPad, filming each other.

I had to investigate, I left my coffee and went out to see what they were up to.

20121106-072826 PM.jpg

“We’re not doing PE, I forgot my kit, they have sick notes” was the response to my question “what are you all up to?”.

But they were doing PE! A rather excellent PE teacher had sent them out with a task; based on your theory work, shoot and edit a short video about the respiratory system!
And these students were doing just that, armed with the exciting iPad device and fully engaged in an activity they didn’t see as doing work!

Quite brilliant!!

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  1. Biddenham is a true ‘renaissance centre’, positively affecting and affirming the growth of human potential of all its learners, whether they be students or staff…

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