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Tablet confusion

The tablet computer market is fast moving and potentially a real asset to education for a number of reasons I’ve highlighted in other posts.

But the market is also getting rather full, and making a decision for a school about what devices you should invest in is becoming near impossible.

20121106-093546 AM.jpg

I’m still not 100% sold on anything beating the iPad as a creative tool for staff and students, but I’m not blind to its limitations!
But it’s limitations are often where rivals have made gains, take Nexus 7 size for example, way more useful. Until the iPad mini that was a big pull to an alternative device.

But the nexus itself has limitations (as one of our teachers documented); interface, limited apps, no airplay! Some of these have now been addressed in the Nexus 10 but still the Nexus isn’t good at selling itself, and unless you’ve time and tech know-how you’d still go with the iPad!

20121106-094145 AM.jpg

Microsoft has now released Surface, but again, it’s underwhelming, and that advert basically says “the keyboard clicks into place!” – that’s not enough to sway many of us from the iPad!!!

For now, it’s still the iPad for me, but every time a new tablet enters the market one is forced to look at the iPads limitations, and then reassess it against the competition, for now, it still wins!

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