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Lesson planning as a team

Lesson planning, divides opinion, is it an out of date activity to write out pages of plans for one lesson? Are sound resources and detailed schemes of work more workable and effective use of a teachers time?

Wherever you stand on that debate the following activity may be useful within departments, teams and even whole school mixed group workshops.

We have a new suggested lesson plan template at our school, made up of several sections which have generated some discussion about best practice. As a department activity I have recreated the template in Google Docs, and will use it as a training tool with staff this coming week.

On the projected screen will be the template, shared with the team, a lesson topic will be agreed and together, laptops and iPads in hand we will work through each section, together creating a (hopefully) outstanding ‘crowd sourced‘ ‘collaborative‘ lesson.
Which we will all teach to our core year 9 students and reflect on afterwards.
I’ll post here the results of our activities and reflections.

20121020-025539 PM.jpg


  1. This sounds interesting…! I like the idea of working as a group on such issues. This should something that might mitigate against the ‘loneliness of the long distance lesson planner’. In my previous life I was often looked down on for actually planning lesson – it was deemed as so ‘yesterday’ by some. So working in this way could be positive on many levels. As I prepare for a series of workshops based around confidence-building, the above-mentioned experience would impact positively on the work to be offered.

    ICTAC rules OK!

    Rob M

    • I’m hoping it works as we both imagine, a positive experience for all involved! And not just teachers involved!! It’s an opportunity to get a range of perspectives on topics and learning! 🙂

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