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Instant interactive AFL in Drama

I work with an amazing Drama teacher, a teacher who has more enthusiasm and energy than anyone I think I’ve ever met!
She has a huge passion for using technology in her teaching too, which is already outstanding!!

We’ve been working together using iPads in class for just over a year so I thought I’d share the very easy ‘quick gain impact‘ of the iPad & Apple TV in her drama lessons.

Students do a lot of group work during sessions, and as a teacher moving around groups as they work you see outstanding things you want to share, but want happens ‘in the moment’ is often difficult to get students to recreate for the rest of the class 5mins later (for all sorts of reasons).

The iPad ‘mirroring’ via Apple TV has its moment to shine here.

The Drama teacher has taken to now discreetly walking around groups recording them as they rehearse. And when those brilliant moments occur the lesson doesn’t need to be stopped for fear of losing momentum.
Rather an appropriate moment can be found to share a ‘highlights fell’ recorded on iPad, quickly edited on the iPad and then shared via Apple TV. Generating discussion, pride, feedback and collaborative working.

This is improving pace in lessons, AFL, students collaborative practice, and the teacher ability to interact with students using technology they admire!

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  1. I have to second your emotion about this teacher, who is everything and more that you describe. Now,because of the power of her enthusaism, it would be easy for her to be dismissive of mobile technology as something that might hinder her ‘style’. But she knows the opposite is true. Indeed, she uses iPads and the like with the dexterity and focused sensitivity with the skill of a fencing master… A delight to watch, as is the impact on learning achieved by this ground-breaking approach to AfL.

    Rob M

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