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Collaborative History lessons

Got to see enthusiasm for google apps outside of my subject again this afternoon, this time in History department where the very excellent history teacher is setting out to use google with an A-level class.

“It’s going to be great for research projects” – the plans is for students to start their research document, share it with the teacher and, well, in a nutshell that’s it!
From there the teacher can see updates as they are happening, without the old ‘millions of emails’ issue every time the student wanted feedback or a suggestion. Now the teacher can check the work as and when they like, highlight something and leave a comment for the student to act on (Comments remain in a history even when acted on – so great for long term document of AFL).

Students were enthusiastic about tools such as ‘research and citation‘ which gets them int good research habits!
I’m looking forward to seeing how beneficial both students and teacher find google docs at by the end of the year, the enthusiasm to give it a good go is certainly there!!

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