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iPad outdoors

I had a wonderful chat with a very excellent geography teaching this afternoon.

It was great fun to listen to the exciting ways someone outside of my subject plans to use an iPad. Everything from recording, editing and publishing videos of field trips to photographing and ‘live’ annotating students work in class. And also some cool statistics apps (all geography related).

It’s honestly inspiring and good for my own enthusiasm to sit back and listen to someone else enthuse about technology!!

Fantastic stuff, I look forward to posting here more about how the iPad is used (after 1/2 term) on the famous ‘Swanage trip) I kid you not!!!!

20121017-071645 PM.jpg

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  1. This is quite genius, this Paul. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself. Usually my class is torn between doing something outdoors or playing on the ipad. I’m usually scouring apps online to use in the classroom and that are appropriate and educational. I stick to these since they’ve been in the industry for 15 years. But this post is motivation for me to create theme based classes – geography app to take them outside, integrating technology and the outdoors? What a stroke of brilliance! Thank you for this!

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