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Tablets on your projected screen

I used to own an iPad 1, I bought it on day of release and was excited, then when I discovered that to share its content on a projected screen I’d have to plug in a cable and stand at the front of the class I stopped using it for school.

It’s a tablet, you should be able to be mobile! – that was my thinking!

Well, now you can be, and that is one of the main catalysts which started us exploring the impact of tablets on teaching and learning in a range of departments (we started in ICT dept).

There are two ways of sharing a tablet computers content on a screen which we are testing (only on iPad at moment as nexus do not support this) ‘Reflection’ software and Apple TV.

Apple TV comes at a cost (£100) and Reflection is software you install on a (projector connected) PC (£11-ish).

Our findings will be published at the end of the project in the summer.

20121016-105213 AM.jpg

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