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iPad in the classroom

I bought the iPad1 because I thought touch technology was the future. I still think that.

My iPad was delivered to my school they day before Apple shops had them in stock! And the response was amazing – every student wanted to see how it worked.

And I thought I was on to a winning tool for teaching and learning!

But the iPad1 wasn’t the winning tool, it was the start, and I’m still pleased I was there at the beginning but it wasn’t a great tool in a classroom.

It had so much potential, but as soon as I realised that to share it with a whole class I’d have to plug in a cable and be stuck standing only a few feet away from my projector I wasn’t happy.

All that potential for interactivity suddenly vanished in that realisation. I stopped taking the iPad to work and it became a home device.

But a change came with a happy accident.

Apple TV

Separate to my iPad issues I was now buying movies, tv shows etc via iTunes and was linking my laptop to my tv to watch them, until I remembered years ago apple had made a streaming device, apple tv.

On researching I discovered it had been give a major face lift!

I bought it, and found it wonderful for home streaming…& then an iPad2 and an iOS update did something amazing…AirPlay Mirroring!!

All of a sudden you would be able to ‘mirror’ on a tv (via apple tv) anything on an ipad2.

Strangely my 1st thought wasn’t game play, and movies (which is what Apple intended) it was;

“WOW finally I could use an iPad in a class, if I can link this to the Projector instead of a TV!! I could be anywhere in the room and share any content with a class!!”

And then more questions came…

  • What would a class room like that be like to teach and learn in?
  • What would that do to engage students?
  • What would that do to my teaching practice? Resources is use, pace of lessons…

And from that thought, and those questions my project for 2012-13 began…

…More coming soon…

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