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iPad Action Research

The following video was made to support a presentation of the first stages of an action research project I am involved in.

Having had an iPad one since its release day I’ve always been frustrated at it not wirelessly transmitting its content to a TV or projector, well now, thanks to Apple TV and HD projectors it can!

And so I am happy to have an ipad2 to use in class and see where it can take my lessons.

Primarily myself and my research partner are looking at;

How teaching practice is changed when you are no longer ‘at the front of the class’

How engagement and pace can be developed using the iPad as a teaching tool.

Comments are welcome…

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  1. Thanks, Paul, for this video and the information that it contains – it has given me some much needed framework as I prepare for the arrival of a small number of iPads at our school, and I want to document their impact on classroom practice! Our parent body has donated the funds, so they are on board… just need my colleagues to rise to the challenge now! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Cheers! Deb Hogg, GRC Penshurst Girls, Sydney

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