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iPad Action Research

The following video was made to support a presentation of the first stages of an action research project I am involved in.

Having had an iPad one since its release day I’ve always been frustrated at it not wirelessly transmitting its content to a TV or projector, well now, thanks to Apple TV and HD projectors it can!

And so I am happy to have an ipad2 to use in class and see where it can take my lessons.

Primarily myself and my research partner are looking at;

How teaching practice is changed when you are no longer ‘at the front of the class’

How engagement and pace can be developed using the iPad as a teaching tool.

Comments are welcome…

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  1. Thanks, Paul, for this video and the information that it contains – it has given me some much needed framework as I prepare for the arrival of a small number of iPads at our school, and I want to document their impact on classroom practice! Our parent body has donated the funds, so they are on board… just need my colleagues to rise to the challenge now! 😉
    Cheers! Deb Hogg, GRC Penshurst Girls, Sydney

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