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Top Education & ICT related videos on YouTube I’ve been watching this week

Here are a collection of short videos that I’ve been watching this week.

They all look at ICT from different angles in schools;

  • The importance of IT in school policy and strategic planning towards ‘Outstanding’ to using ICT
  • Developing language learning in Australia
  • Google Apps video highlighting their usefulness in schools.

They’re worth watching to keep your ICT spirit alive, to see what other are doing and to keep your ICT lessons from being the boring ICT lesson that Mr Gove is so very worried about this week!


“Pads, Video-conferencing, Apple Mac computers and video editing software are just a few of the emerging ICT technologies being used in Harberton School in Belfast to enhance the learning experience for all pupils.”

“We investigate the journey of how a language is learnt, from the past, to the present and future…with the use of ICT for all language learners. Created by languages students at Cowandilla Primary School, South Australia”

“At Lowercroft … Achievement at the highest level is at the heart of our work. Tribune are the ICT Provider at the school and are working in partnership to create a truly inspiring learning environment.”

Google Apps in Education, a whole range of apps that, if used and managed in school, could change the very fabric of how you plan and deliver lessons as well as how your students engage with your work!

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