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Languages and IT

Bringing MFL into your IT lessons 

IT is full of language, we have our own meaning for common words like ‘processing’ ‘storage’ and ‘path’ for example.

But aside from that  there are useful ways you can bring MFL into your IT lessons, perhaps most effectively (but not exclusively with KS3).

Let me share my latest lesson idea with you.

By the time students get to the final year of KS3 they have been studying languages while, they will have picked up some basics. And they like to know they can be an expert, particularly an expert in something they may find difficult.

So, asking a student to explain something to someone much younger means their basic knowledge is now considered ‘expert’. Which does wonders for their confidence, your relationship with them and the own enthusiasm for a subject beyond the confines of its own classroom.

The lesson:

The aim is to look at the use of interactive technology and then lead into students creating their own interactive e-book.

The results have been very positive with a number of mixed ability classes.

Why not try a little cross curricular innovation in your classroom soon? 🙂

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