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Apples for the teacher

A new year and a new workshop for teachers; looking at using Apple technology in the classroom.

The wonderful professional learning group at school is investigating the use of ICT to engage students (& teachers) and so our latest workshop forms a part of this years investigation, and is a wonderful opportunity to share our findings with everyone else.

The aim of the training is to give staff an idea of how tools such as the iPhone & iPad & Apple TV can now be utilised in a class room to increase engagement and pace in lessons.

We’ll be sharing some ideas on how almost every lesson in school could benefit from these tools as well as how easily they can be used, with a particular focus on; English, Drama, History & Science.

We’ll be examining how mirroring the iPad on a projector can help you maintain pace in Drama lessons, how you can generate instant feedback/assessment & share students work in ‘real time’.

We’ll also be looking at using some stand out apps;

Elements (easily one of the best apps to have been invented in the 1st run of the iPad

iBooks & online website annotation tools which can enable class collaboration in English (& other lessons)

Maps & Photos to generate discussion thought & place scenarios in context

We’ll also be uploading an abbreviated VodCast of the session to this site when we’re done, so do drop in on us again.


  1. One thing to think about, the Apple TV can make IT departments frustrated (and educators, too) regarding how it authenticates against wi-fi. It would be good to consult them before making a purchase.

    Just based on my experiences….

    • Thanks Darren, lucky we have an excellent ICT support team who are helping us test the potential of the iPad and Apple tv.
      Would like to hear of any issues you have had with wifi…we are encountering some issues with it.

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