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Art in & out of class…

…I know what I like…

I love Museums and Art Galleries, almost every weekend I am in London at the National Gallery, Museum of London or the Tate Modern and then exploring the South Bank, I’m slowly getting to know the smaller galleries thanks to TimeOut London.

 But for those who can’t get to a world renowned gallery Google has a solution! (They’re seem to solve all of life’s little problems!)

 The Google Art Project uses their street view technology and moves it into some of the worlds most amazing art galleries giving users a ‘walk about’ and more!

 You can see paintings close up, read facts, share works wider online and engage in Q/A or discussions.

Use in School

 Schools could really benefit from this;

  • Turn out the lights in your class and give your students a tour to a famous painting or two!
  • Give the link to GCSE or AS level students to use in a project!

Possibilities are endless!!

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