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QR Codes to engage students with

QR Codes are the latest thing to pop up everywhere, joining reality with the virtual world.

Why are they not popping up in school?

Ahead of an activity I have planned for later in the term I’ve created a number of QR Code posters with intriguing titles and captions to go up around school.

The codes link the scanner to interesting news stories of the moment, cities and countries around the world & various other curiosities I think students should be aware of.

The aim is to tap into the natural curiosity of a student, to engage them in wider reading and to hopefully generate some interest in information and news that they might not be exposed to in their normal day.

The interest was instant, I put them up after school and by morning break the next day there was little huddles around many of the posters, with students scanning them on their BlackBerries and iPhones! Fantastic! And staff have also been asking how to create them and use them in subject areas! I’m rather excited to help some departments develop the use of them!

So, I think the students are more than ready for the bigger activity…!#

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