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What I’m focusing on Sept – Jan 2011-12

Questioning technique!

As part of my own professional development I’m setting my target to read up on and investigate effective questioning.

It’s something I do, I always ask students questions but I’m worried I ask the same things “What is..” & “Can you explain…” And what I really want to do is build into my lessons some focused and effective questioning points that work for me and the students.

Use statements with classes to inspire anger and motivate!

I’m a big believer that often the best way to get a response out of a class is to put up a ludicrous statement and work back from it. Young people are opinionated, and love to tell you when they agree, or more often disagree with something you say.

So I’m aiming to plan more lesson activities this year around statements that turn into investigations, or discussions.  For example my year 9 class were full of opinions when I left the words “BLACKBERRY’S ARE RUBBISH” on the board!

G&T & Enrichment!

 I always feel I don’t do enough for G&T students, although lesson observations have said that’s not the case I always feel that the students I spend time planning for and working with are the ones who demand my time rather than those who earn it. – I doubt I’m alone in feeling that – but I want to lose that feeling this year and really create some opportunities for G&T students to go the extra mile in the subject.

Enrichment; I happen to think that enrichment is a right for all students, I’ve never been very happy with activities that were G&T exclusive. I’d rather create an opportunity that was at a G&T level, but was open to all who like a challenge!

This year in the department we are looking at ½ term ‘challenge clubs’ with a short term challenge after for any interested students to take part in.


I shall keep the blog up to date on developments in each of the areas…wish me luck for 2011-12 year!

What have you set as personal targets for 2011-12?

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