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Simple but effective lessons…

The Guardian Eyewitness App for the iPad, and the webpage is an excellent resource for classes.

I’ve said so for over a year, it can be used to stimulate discussion of news topics, or to stimulate creative writing.

The task I gave students was simple…

“Using images of your choice from Guardian eyewitness, create the BBC News headline and then news story for the image. Be as creative as you like, take an image and invent its story”

Here is the mock-up presentation I gave them to recreate with their own.

It was a very simple lesson idea, but it captured the imaginations of the group of students who were often classed as ‘difficult’.

The task was further extended, at their request with…

Create a newspaper front page using at least two of your stories!

Next week we finish the front pages and present them! I’m as excited as they are!!

Skills developed in the lesson:

  • Research
  • Collaborative
  • Software – transferable skills (Browser, presentation, publishing)
  • Creative thinking
  • Proofreading
  • Presentation – public speaking

Check out the eyewitness webpage or app and

see how you can use it in class!


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