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Franchise re-boot in your classroom!


September was the launch month, the world premiere of your film, sorry, I mean you scheme of work & lessons.

But, in a way, it was the film premiere, all summer was spent waiting in anticipation of the premiere of the long-awaited film. Sorry, lesson.

But you are the director, September is the first time the new audience (sorry, students) will see the film (sorry, lesson) from this acclaimed film maker! (teacher).

September your lessons are blockbusters, and you are hailed as ‘the film maker of your generation, the new Hitchcock, or Spielberg.

Ah but it’s the sequels that start to let the franchise down! You know what I mean? Spiderman one is good, but 2 and 3 suck! Batman & Batman Returns are great, but did we need Batman and Robin?

So, as the greatest film maker (sorry, teacher) of your generation, what do you do? Abandon the legacy of the once great film premiere and continue to churn out the lacklustre sequels with B movie special effects, stars and dialogue? Or Re-boot the franchise all together?

Your re-boot!!!!

New Spiderman reboot coming soon!

To a teacher January is re-boot season, your blockbuster lessons return. New cast, new effects, new take on an old theme. Making this version very ‘now’ very ‘current’.

You re-stamp ‘You’ on all the lessons, with a whopping great wedge of 2011 in there!

Take stock at Christmas before you start planning! Weigh up your successes and failures! Your strengths and weaknesses.

And in January, re-boot the franchise!

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