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Glogster – The Poster is dead!!

What do you think of this poster?

Looks interesting doesn’t it?

Well, CLICK it! Go on, see what happens 🙂

Last staff training session I shared the amazing spinning zooming goodness of Prezi.

This time it’s the turn of Glogster!


Glogster has been part of my portfolio since 2008. But it is aging well as students & staff start to embrace 21st Century tech for more comman class based projects. Including course work (where witness stetements can be used as exam board evidence – BTEC for example)

So what is Glogster?

 An online resource which allows you/your students to create dynamic & interactive ‘posters’. They can contain Youtube videos, sounds, pictures, & a vast amount of other interactive features. It’s engaging – for staff & students.

What class activities could I use it for?

  • Students can use it as an interatcive revsion tool, their own notes + videos and extra material pulled together from the web which they can then share with their fellow students or use alone.
  • Teachers can use it as the lesson focus, create a Glog with all the questions, support materials, and wider reading that a topic needs for a lesson, or series of lessons and simply ask students to ‘explore’ the Glog.
  • Home work
  • Class invividual or group work
  • End of term/topic focus activities

Tool Box

It is another resource to add to your bag. Prezi, Glogster, and others are tools to use to engage your students. Don’t use anyone more than the other or you’ll wear out the appeal. But use them at the right time and you’ll be impressed by the kid who normally frustrates you! I promise!

It’s free, so why not?

It’s basic features are free for staff and students to access, but like Prezi it’s a valuable tool and can be utilised fully if a licence is purchsed.

Try it, see what you can do with it on your course and in your class room. Any questions or thoughts, drop a post using the comment box.

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