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Creative lessons…

CPD is the start…

Ever been sat in a whole school training session & had that thought “I know this, why am I being told this again?” or “What time is the brunch?”

Well if you have then that probably means the training wasn’t going well and wasn’t really aimed at you!

Well, I’ve been there (thankfully not since the last academic year now) and I’m sure at some point I’ll sit through such CPD sessions again, but when a surprising one, a training session that really make you think “Oh, I like this” comes along you have to keep its fire burning even after the brunch!!

Creative partnerships…

A scheme which at its very basic level encourages teachers to collaborate with creative professionals in not just the delivery of lessons (not the old school guest speaker) but in the designing, planning and then delivery of a lesson or series of lessons.

But the exciting thing about Creative Partnerships is to encourage teachers to look at their lessons & schemes with a more open minded view.

A teachers mind…

I like to believe that all good teachers want to teach interesting lessons, that encourage their students to explore ideas and find answers to questions. Rather than simply complete worksheets to prove they can follow a set of instructions.

But that means you have to plan for those opportunities rather than put down your old lessons and expect students to react differently.


Check out the creative partnerships site and start thinking outside the box!

A post covering the redesigning of lessons is coming soon…

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