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Cry “Youtube” & let slip the dogs of war…

I know I’m not alone in wanting access to YouTube to use in my classroom!

You know what I mean, yeah?

You find a great clip, or video on YouTube that demonstrates something perfectly about your lesson, and you want to share it with the students! Either in your lesson on via your VLE. But then you say YouTube, you might even just whisper it, and someone clicks a switch and your access to it in school is gone! And what’s worse someone may even try to tell you it’s for ‘copyright reasons’ which just does not apply to all of YouTube!!

So, am I moaning about this or am I suggesting a solution?

Ah, the latter, I’ve learned no-one wants to listen to you complain unless you’ve going to offer a solution to your problem. So here’s the thought.

Wouldn’t you like to show imaginative, inspiring videos to students and see/hear their reactions to it? I would!

BLOXX Media Filter

Well, when I was down at BETT2010 I (& my students) got to look (briefly I’ll admit) at Bloxx, a web filtering service that began in the private sector but has started to get into education. They were explaining their new product, the media filter that will allow teachers to tag YouTube videos related to subject material and then direct students to them but with all the other content removed; comments, linked videos, or related videos. Taking the e-safety worry out of using the YouTube content as part of a lesson or learning activity.

What do you think? Interesting? Just what we wanted?

Feel free to post a comment to share your thoughts.

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