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Second BETT

Evaluate everything…

Evaluations are such a huge part of teaching, we evaluate ourselves (to the extreme) we evaluate our lessons, our students, our departments, our year groups, our school, our partnership. So I guess it’s understandable that I feel compelled to evaluate my recent visit to the BETT show!

But I like to do things differently, I don’t want to write a stuffy report, or complete a tick box form that will be filled away somewhere! I’d rather a visual outcome of the visit be it’s own evaluation, and maybe a lasting legacy!

Evaluation by outcome…

My simple thought is that is the visit is seen to have a longer reaching impact than just a 2 day trip, that will be a positive evaluation in itself !

So…Enter the Dragons den…

I have put the pressure on the year 13 students who came with me, they are puttingĀ  a presentation together that they are going to give to two grouped audiences;

  • The SLT link teacher for ICTAC, head of ICT & Network Manager of our school
  • The head teachers of all our Trust Partnership schools, the Governors of our Trust & some other key players in school planning

Tough crowd for a teacher to talk to let alone students, but the subject material is something interesting and exciting and I want to see them pass on their interest and enthusiasm for ICT and learning to the people who may often make decisions without seeing that in the people their decisions will effect.

So that’s the plan, students presented their draft presentations to me at the end of the last week, I listened to their thoughts on the products they’d found at BETT;

  • Frog (VLE)
  • Google Docs
  • Clip Bank (from Channel4)
  • Netbooks
  • & then a few other interesting smaller products they were enthusiastic about

Coming soon…

I have feedback to give them on Monday about improvements, so expect an update from me as their presentation develops. They are putting it together in Google Docs so I’ll post it up on here once its finished.

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