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Publishing! Beyond Publisher!

I mentioned this recently to my students but thought as a brief post this was worth sharing.

Publisher has been a staple of classroom ‘brochures and leaflets’ for years, and I’m sure I am not the only teacher who is now sick of the same templates, the same layouts and what are now limited tools and styles. (I’m talking about our ancient version we currently have networked at our school).

So, here’s a few little tools that people may have access to and not have noticed…

  • Office for mac 2008 features some stunning style sheets for leaflets and newsletters, that can be changed and adapted to your own work, colours/fonts etc all editable.
  • Pages (Apples publishing tool) also contains similar style sheets as templates for newsletters and brochures.

Have a look, update your next ‘publisher’ document by not using Publisher at all!! 🙂

And any of my students reading this, think outside the box, don’t choose Publisher if an alternative is available to you!!

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